Updates to Westminster’s Acceptable Use Policy

Because technology is ever-changing and we are learning the best ways to support our students as they learn, we update the AUP each year. Below is a quick outline of the main changes in this year’s policy. Please review this with your student, sign and date the policy form, and return it to the correct office (Middle School – Middle School Office, Upper School –  Upper School Office).

Apple Classroom
With the release of Apple Classroom, our teachers will integrate this application to help students focus on using the iPad as an educational tool in the classroom. To facilitate the seamless integration of this application in the classroom, students are required to have the following Classroom settings: Join Classes – Automatically; Lock Apps and Device – Always; and View Screen – Always. In addition, your Bluetooth should always be turned on.

Only Westminster approved apps open on iPad on campus
While on Westminster’s campus, only school approved apps should be open on the device. If students wish to use an app not on the approved list for a school project, they should obtain approval from their grade level principal.

Reminder: Approved Apps
Please review the list of approved apps and download any required apps as necessary