iPad Acceptable Use Policy 2017-18

Westminster Christian Academy is committed to the effective and meaningful use of technology in the classroom. Our iPad program allows for the natural integration of technology into the everyday academic experience of WCA students.

The privilege of bringing personal devices to school requires students to accept ethical responsibilities surrounding their use. It is the student’s responsibility to treat technology and fellow users with proper care and respect. The general rules and principles of the school still apply as a basis for good decision making with regard to technology. The parameters agreed to by students and parents in the Westminster Internet Permission Form also apply to personal devices that students bring to school.

In addition, students and parents must agree to the following terms of the acceptable use for their device. The acceptable use policy (AUP) is laid out in question and answer format to provide clarity.

Accounts and Passwords

Do I need to password-protect my iPad?
Yes. You should password-protect your iPad because your personal information is stored on the device. Both the student and parent(s) should know the password and be able to access the iPad at all times.

Do I need to use my school assigned email?
Yes. Westminster will give each student a Google account that teachers will use to communicate and share documents.

Do I need to identify myself on my iPad?
Yes. Student iPads MUST display the student/family name on the home screen and in the iPad (Settings>About); both of these will be set up the first week of school or at the iPad Registration and should stay set the entire year.

Using your Device at School

When do I need to bring my iPad to school?
You will bring your iPad to every class every day and will be using it in many different capacities, so you must always be prepared. Teachers will direct and lead the use of the device in the classroom.

What happens if I have forgotten my iPad at home?
If an iPad is left at home or is not charged, the student remains responsible for completing all coursework as if they had use of their iPad. Malfunctions or technical issues are not acceptable excuses for failing to complete an assignment unless no other means of completion exist.

Who is allowed to use my iPad?
You are the only person allowed to use your device at school. Please do not share it, even with your closest friend.

What are the required Apple Classroom settings?
The Classroom app allows teachers to monitor iPad use in the classroom and support student learning. Your settings should always be: Join Classes – Automatically; Lock Apps and Device – Always; Airplay and View Screen – Always. In addition, your Bluetooth should be turned on.

What am I NOT allowed to have on my device?
While on campus, only school approved apps should be open on the iPad. Students may load apps not listed on the approved list for school projects only with prior approval from the grade level principal.

May I use my device for non-academic purposes (gaming and social media) at school?
Students are NOT permitted to use the iPad for non-academic purposes while on campus. We encourage students to use their off time to work on homework, get help from teachers, or have a conversation with a friend.

Where am I allowed to use my iPad during the school day?
iPads may only be used in supervised academic spaces while at school: classrooms, academic hub, and the commons. iPads should not be used in Chapel, the Cafe, locker rooms, bathrooms, or hallways.

What happens if I am caught using my device in the wrong place, at the wrong time or for the wrong task?
Teachers have the discretion to deliver appropriate consequences – these include, but are not limited to, any of the following: teacher detention, parent communication, pink slip, conduct detention, or confiscation of the device.

Can I lose the privilege of using my device at school?
Yes, students with repeated AUP infractions may lose device privileges. A student may also lose device privileges for Type A behaviors (see Westminster Student/Parent Handbook).

Photos/Social Media/Music

May I listen to music on the iPad?
Yes. Students may listen to music before or after school only (as long as they are using earbuds).

May I use the camera on the iPad during the school day?
Student may access the camera feature ONLY when assigned or directed by a teacher for educational purposes. Students may not take, distribute, publish, post, email or share images and/or videos of students, Westminster personnel, or the campus beyond the scope of an academic assignment.

May I use iMessage app on my iPad?
Yes. Students may use it before or after school hours only. iMessage should be turned off during the school day.

May I use the media capabilities of the iPad?
Yes. But the iPad media capabilities may only be used when assigned or directed by a teacher for educational purposes. Using the iPad camera, video, FaceTime or other apps in any way that is offensive, profane, threatening, obscene, or damaging to another person is prohibited at all times.