Technical Production Intern

Westminster Christian Academy is seeking a talented, energetic, hard-working college student to join its A/V/L team. Not only does Westminster have a vibrant arts community, but it also rents the facility on a regular basis. Someone is needed to work events and productions independently and as part of a team. Audio engineering experience is required, as the candidate would be mixing for events and performances. Live production experience is also a plus. This is a great opportunity to become better, learn new skills, and work in a professional, fast-paced, and event-driven environment.


  • Flexible schedule highly preferred
  • Primarily weekday mid-afternoons and evenings
  • Some weekends as needed


  • Approximately 8-15 hours per week


  • Year-round need for live production techs
  • Potential for the position to develop into a part-time job at Westminster’s discretion
  • Qualifications


    • Comfortable with digital and analog audio consoles or willingness to learn
    • Knowledge of proper mic placement and usage
    • Ability to set up monitors, area microphones, mic instruments, and prep wireless LAVs alone or as part of a team
    • Ability to mix vocals, choirs, and instruments
    • Some experience mixing for stage productions is a plus
    • Experience mixing for musicals is preferred


    • Basic knowledge of theatrical lighting is a plus
    • Some lighting experience is preferred

    Computer Projection

    • Familiarity with PC and Mac environments is a plus
    • Experience with MS PowerPoint and basic projector settings is preferred

    Production Management

    • Comfortable directing various supporting techs and assigning tasks
    • Ability to keep teens, children, or groups on track
    • Basic familiarity with stage management is a plus
    • Experience calling cues via ClearComm is preferred
    • Knowledge of theatrical terminology or willingness to learn is a plus


    • Calm, polite, helpful, and professional when dealing with Westminster staff and clients
    • Mature, appropriate, patient, and approachable when dealing with Westminster students
    • Represent Westminster well even under stressful and/or difficult circumstances


    • When appropriate, tactfully provide advice to achieve a successful show
    • Discuss production needs/goals to help guide clients to achievable decisions
    • Possess strong critical thinking skills to trace/diagnose problems and provide solutions


    • Professional, business-casual setting
    • Wear neat, functional clothing — be prepared to both work (setup up equipment, run lines, etc.) and meet with Westminster clients/staff every day