Know our criteria for admission.

Westminster honors Jesus Christ by providing an excellent education, rooted in biblical truth as interpreted by the Westminster Confession of Faith, for the children of Christian parents.

An essential component for admission is the requirement that one or both parents is a professing Christian as evidenced by confession of faith in Christ as Savior.

A student’s potential for academic success is evaluated by the admissions committee and based on the entire application. A student’s grades, behavior record, teacher/pastor recommendations, standardized test scores, an entrance exam, and family interview are carefully considered when selecting a qualified applicant.

A family interview will be conducted by a member of the Board of Directors to verify a Christian testimony from one parent and ascertain agreement with the school’s statement of faith. The interview is scheduled after the online portion of the application is received. Westminster welcomes students representing various racial, ethnic, and economic backgrounds who will bring diversity to the school community.