The vocal performance program trains students in the basics of choral singing, including musicianship, sight singing, vocal production, and performance.

Concert Choir

Concert Choir is an auditioned SATB group, the members of which learn a variety of diverse music over the course of the year. This music includes hymns, folk songs from all over the world, gospel pieces and spirituals, Broadway repertoire, and various accompanied and a cappella choral works. This choir generally takes a concert tour in the spring and sings at a number of school events throughout the year.

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Chamber Choir

Chamber Choir is an auditioned SATB small ensemble made up of members of Concert Choir. They sing jazz, chamber music, and contemporary a cappella and take advantage of many opportunities for solo work and development of musical style. This choir practices before school.

Mixed Chorus

Mixed Chorus is a non-auditioned group for those who aren’t yet able to take Concert Choir or who are new to choral singing. This choir performs in main concerts with the Concert and Chamber Choirs but focuses on the development of choral tone, development of music reading skills, and part-singing.