The purpose of Chapel is to present gospel-centered teaching and worship that is meaningful and authentic to middle and high school students.

chapel leadership team

Each week, students are spiritually encouraged and challenged by influential speakers, relevant messages, and Christ-centered worship.

The Chapel Committee provides leadership for Wednesday Chapel services.

Mike Berttucci – Co-Director
Nick Gray – Co-Director
Matt DeJong – Music Coordinator
Han Kim – A/V

Parents are welcome to join us for Chapel each Wednesday from 9:20-9:50 a.m. in the Arena. Follow us on twitter 

Chapel 2016-17 Theme: Grace Changes Everything

Grace. It is perhaps the first word in the Christian vocabulary. It’s something we learn as an infant in the faith: we are aware that we are saved by grace. But do we actually understand grace? Have we grown numb to what grace really means? It’s possible that we’ve stopped being amazed by it. We fail to understand its transformative power and cosmic implications. We forget its cost. We know that grace gets us into God’s Kingdom, but we think the story ends there.

But the story doesn’t end there. In fact, the story of God’s grace is much bigger than any of us can imagine. This year in Chapel, our goal is to make grace bigger. As Tim Keller describes it, the good news of God’s grace “is not just the A-B-C’s, but the A to Z of Christianity.” God’s grace isn’t just for the new believer; it isn’t only how we get into God’s Kingdom. It’s how we change. It’s how we grow. It’s how we love. Grace is central to all of life.

Grace changes everything.