Student Ambassadors

Sponsor: Peggy Johnson

Student Ambassadors represent Christ and Westminster Christian Academy by serving others at community events and other school events and occasions.

French Club

Sponsor: Sarah DeVries
Grade Level: 9-12

French Club is open to all students who desire to explore and celebrate French-speaking cultures. We engage with the Francophone world by sampling French cuisine at local restaurants, viewing French-language films, attending museum exhibits and culture festivals, and more. Additionally, we seek to serve our global and local neighbors. We raise funds for French missionaries at the Westminster Carnival and partner with the Spanish Club to provide childcare to immigrant families through the ministry Engage St. Louis.

Science and Engineering Club

Sponsor: Luke Breems
Grade Level: 9-12

Science & Engineering Club is a place where students can explore and enjoy God’s creation. Students in the club work together on one or more projects based on student interests. Many projects proceed concurrently, as students work together on smaller design and fabrication teams. The club seeks to encourage students to be curious about the natural world, to help students build community based on their mutual interests, and to build students’ confidence in their abilities to apply scientific principles.

National Honor Society

Contact: Gina Butterfield

The National Honor Society (NHS) serves to honor those students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service, and character. All members are required to complete 30 hours of individual service in the community, school, or church each school year as well as participate in all group service projects within Westminster’s chapter.