Self Defense Club

Sponsor: Jason Wilkins

The Self-Defense club exists to teach young adults the importance of self-defense in crisis situations.With “safety first” in mind, participants will need boxing gloves and athletic clothes to work on grappling and striking. Note that there will be NO sparring.

Photography Club

Sponsor: Olivia Pierson

Photography Club will allow students to take pictures, explore camera settings, and expand our club members portfolios. There will be opportunities to visit locations such as the Zoo, Botanical Gardens, and local parks to take photographs. Students will be able to view and critique each other’s images.

Inklings Club

Sponsor: Robert Murphy

Discussions of word building (languages, movies, books, games, stories, etc.)

Ultimate Frisbee Club

Sponsor: Luke Breems
Grade Level: 9-12

Ultimate Frisbee Club practices frisbee as a team and plays against other schools while having fun.

Scrabble and Tea Club

Sponsor: Peter Barrs

The Scrabble and Tea Club was created to bring the Westminster community (students, faculty, staff, families) together to make new relationships and deepen those relationships through playing the game of Scrabble and enjoying a cup of tea.

Drama Club

Sponsor: Helen Scott

Participation in Drama Club includes seeing plays during the school year, helping with auditions, running workshops, voting on plays for the following year, and fundraising at Carnival.

Delmar Gardens Club

Sponsors: Chrissy Guerra and Kyla Basnett

The Delmar Gardens Club purposes to serve the community at Delmar Gardens by playing games and getting to know the residents.

Czech Republic Club

Sponsor: Taylor Orr
Grade Level: 7-8

Czech Republic Club strives to glorify God and engage and build relationships with English learning peers in the Czech Republic by writing letters to English-learning students and by learning about Czech Republic culture.

Chinese Club

Sponsor: Ming Li

The Chinese Club welcomes all students who are interested in Chinese language or culture. We expose Chinese culture (art, architecture, history, cuisine, etc.) to our club members through presentations, discussions, film, and field trips. We also try to learn how God put his story in Chinese. And more is waiting for you to input.

Teachers Assistant Program

Students have the opportunity to assist teachers in class preparation. Those interested in serving a teacher in this way should speak with him/her directly.