Individualized 4-Year Academic Plan

Register for your initial meeting by Monday, May 21

The new I4AP program provides a comprehensive review of your child’s academic assessment and achievement. All incoming 9th grade parents must register for an initial parents-only meeting. Meetings will be offered June 4–July 28. Please contact Stacy Isaacs with any questions.

Registering for 9th Grade

Recently, Global Studies classes discussed registration with Director of Academic Operations Deana Vandegriff and Director of Guidance and Counseling Craig Walseth. Students learned all about transcripts, credit hours, and graduation requirements. 

Students received a Course Registration Form that they should complete with their parents between now and Friday, February 9. Beginning on February 9 and going throughout the month, students will bring this form to their one-on-one meeting during the school day with Ms. Vandegriff. Parents who have registrations questions should contact Ms. Vandegriff.
Registration Timetable
January 30-31 • Students learn about registration in Global Studies
Week of February 6 • Students learn their recommendations for 9th grade
February 9-March 1 • Students have one-on-one meetings to register for classes
March 9-22 • Course selections visible for parents on Veracross. This is the last opportunity for changes before August.

8th Grade Summer Reading 2018

As we work together with families to create lifelong learners, Westminster Christian Academy expects that our students will continue reading throughout the summer months. In working towards this goal, over the summer all incoming 8th grade students will be required to read two books that they have not previously read. Students must choose books from the reading list or from the Westminster 100 list. It’s very important that students enjoy their book(s); therefore, we encourage them to take the time to find a book they love.

Step #1: Read any two books (Fiction or Non-Fiction) from the reading list.

Step #2: Write (type) a response to both books following the guidelines explained below.

Submission: Email the review to Mrs. Conrad no later than Tuesday, July 31.

After finishing both books, see the class website for the specifics of the writing assignment. This summer’s reading reflection is included in each student’s first quarter English grade, so please follow the instructions on the website carefully and refer to rubric below as you complete the online review.


If you have any questions, please email Heather Marsee. Please include the student’s name and grade level in your email.

Learn more

Grading Rubric (used for each book review completed online)

Paragraph 1: ___ / 6
• Identifies book titles and authors (4)
• Provides brief summaries of each book (2)

Paragraph 2: ___ / 4
• Answers “What do you think it means to be a person of ‘good character’?” (1)
• Provides example(s) of people who you believe are of “good character” (1)
• Explains why you believe those people are of “good character” (2)

Paragraph 3: ___ / 5
• Identifies the character by name (1)
• Provides 2-3 specific examples from the story (2)
• Explains the specific examples (2)

Paragraph 3: ___ / 5
• Identifies the character by name (1)
• Provides 2-3 specific examples from the story (2)
• Explains the specific examples (2)

TOTAL ____/20

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’m so excited! When am I able to start my summer reading?
A: You are welcome to begin your summer reading TODAY! There is no start date. The only time constraints are that you submit your reviews no later than the due dates specified. Early work is accepted.

Q: How will my summer reading project affect my English grade?
A: This summer reading project will be included in each student’s first semester English grade.

Q: What happens if I turn in an assignment late?
A: Students will receive a one-point grade reduction per day that the written assignment is late (up to a 50% total reduction). This will be reflected and noted in the first quarter grade.

Mandatory iPad Registration Meetings

(all 7th grade and new 8th and 9th grade students)

Thursday, August 2, 6:30–8 p.m.
Monday, August 6, 6:30–8 p.m.
Thursday, August 9, 6:30–8 p.m.

Parents and students should attend this meeting together and bring the iPad that the student will use during the school year. Please RSVP by Wednesday, August 1.

You must have your iPad in order to complete the registration process.