Battle Robots

October 16, 2012

Westminster Science & Engineering Club Piques Student Interest in Robotics and Engineering

The Westminster Science & Engineering Club has begun hosting a series of Battle roBots competitions that will run for the next few weeks. The competitions consist of small battles between miniature soccer-playing robots built by teams of 5-10 students. The object is for the robots to score points by pushing billiard balls around a small course into the goals.

The events were planned to show the school community the kinds of robotics activities in which the Science & Engineering Club students participate and to perhaps pique an interest within the student body.

Science & Engineering Club Mentor Lisa Harding says a number of students have already inquired about helping build a robot and join in the next competition. “The interest among the students was very encouraging,” she says.

All students are welcome to come to the Science & Engineering Club meetings and join in any activity. “We have had a great response from kids who want to be part of this year’s robotics team,” says Harding. “But it is always great to have more!”

Senior Sea Sirisilp developed the Battle RoBots game. He designed the game field, established the rules, and officiates the competitions. Furthermore, for the school’s Carnival during its annual fall festival, Wildcat Weekend, Sirisilp created a video to explain the game, as well as an automatic scoreboard. There will be two additional rounds of the Battle Bots competition after school in the Grand Entry over the next two weeks, and the official First Robotics Season will begin in January.