Boys Tennis

The Weekly Rundown

2015-16 Season

5/13  Congratulations to the JV Tennis Team for their terrific showing at the Metro 8 Tournament this week!  The boys competed against the area’s top schools.  WILDCATS swept the singles and tied in the doubles portion with MICDS.   Way to close out the season victoriously!!!

5/10 JV Metro Top 8 Tournament…Westminster Wildcats Won Seven Out Of Eight Courts in a flighted singles format yesterday against 5 top area schools!!! ROAR! Way to take care of business!

5/9  Westminster  JV Wildcats sweep Principia with a 7-0 victory on Friday! Great win by Lucas Bak and last match for seniors Aaron Dillmon and Ben Varghese!  Way to roll JV!

5/5  JV tennis battles hard to defeat the Lafayette Lancers 4-3 yesterday! Erik Bergman and Evan Seabaugh rocked at court 4 doubles! Way to go WILDCATS!

5/4 JV Cats tie the Chaminade Red Devils 3-3 in a great battle yesterday! A terrific come from behind win was had by Matthew McKinnis and Lucas Bak! Super effort JV! Wildcats take on Lafayette today at home. Come out and watch them ROAR!

5/1  JV Wildcats Serve Up A Winner against Lutheran North Crusaders with an 8-1 Victory.  On deck next week is Chaminade, Lafayette and Principia.  Let’s ROAR!

4/19  WILDCATS JV ROAR LOUDLY over the Burroughs Bombers!  Win 5-3.  Notable wins were had by Caleb Terschak and Dylan Baile, Aaron Dillmon, Maxwell Peng and Michael Tran.  Great job Cats!!

4/18   JV Wildcats could not stop the SLUH Billikin train that came their way Friday. Team Loss 1-5.  Great win by the Coffee twins on court #1 doubles!! CATS go up against the Burroughs Bombers today, Mon 4/18, on home courts. Come cheer them on!!

Varsity results from Metro Tourney last week:   MICDS 84,  Priory 47.5,  JBS 43.5,  WCA 33,  Principia 4,  LS 0,  LN 0.

4/8 JV SWEEPS KIRKWOOD Pioneers to post a 8-0 Victory for WCA! Way to go CATS! Good things happen when you play big on net and return cross-court! Next match is against the SLUH Billikens this Friday 4/15– at Dwight Davis Tennis Center. Let’s Do This!

4/6  WILDCATS ROAR with a victory over the MICDS Rams Tuesday! Thanks to all who came out to watch the 6-3 win! Notable matches were Josh Jones and David Ragsdale at #2 doubles and Hayden Shively and Matthew Moore at #6 doubles both with dramatic wins in third set tiebreakers! Great job JV!!   Wildcats take on SLUH and KIRKWOOD at home this week. Let’s Go!!

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5/15   For the JV boys –  A 10-1-2 record with much improvement was recognized by the entire team.  Hayden Shively and Matthew McKinnis shared the most improved award for the season and Captains Joey Albertson, Will Sutter and Jake McKie did an outstanding job setting the example and leading the team to such a high honor.  Luke Peters won the entire court #5 singles in the JV Metro Tournament representing five of the top St. Louis private schools.  Jake McKie won the entire court #3 singles as well.  Outstanding job Luke and Jake!  Kurt Weinberg and Markus Cicka battled their way to the finals in their doubles round for court #4 and Luke Peters and Griffin Andersen earned a spot in the final match for #3 doubles.  Awesome job Wildcats! Continue to ROAR over the summer.

5/14  Congratulations to the boys’ Varsity tennis team on a second place finish in the Team District Tournament!  Special shout outs to our seniors, Jacob Waller, Corey Weinberg, Jack Southwell, Matt Goebel, and Misha Bespalov, and our unofficial senior Sam Spencer.  The team will miss you next year!  Come out and support the boys today as they compete in Individual Districts at WCA.

5/8  Depth is a dandy for Wildcats playing the MICDS Rams yesterday…..5-5 Tie with notable support from Hayden Shively and Dylan Baile. Way to contribute boys! Long hard week for JV….. On deck today is Principia! Lets Go Wildcats! Dig Deep!

5/7   The roar of the JV Wildcats was heard loud and clear Wed 5/6 as the Blue destroyed the Lancers of Lafayette 8-3 on their home turf.  Way to take care of business JV!  Notables arriving in the winning circle were Joey Albertson & Tim Sell on #2 doubles and Matthew Moore & Nathan Walsh at #4 doubles , and Luke Peters & Griffin Andersen at #3 doubles.  Barn burner wins by playing big on net and playing Australian formation.  Awesome job C-A-T-S!   More work to be done on Thursday 5/7 as JV goes head to head with the town’s toughest MICDS……   Let’s be Large and In Charge at this match and show them who’s truly the best JV Tennis Team in St. Louis!  Come out and Cheer this hard working and very talented team to V-I-C-T-O-R-Y!

5/5    CINCO de MAYO Fireworks as Cats took on Chaminade on 5/5. Going down in a nail bitter 4-3 loss, the highlight match was no doubt Peters and Hehner at #2 doubles. They fought hard for their magnificent  victory of 7-5, 6-4. Great job boys! Come see us today, 5/6, as we take on the Lafayette Lancers away at 4 pm today. Can we get a ROAR?

5/4   Congratulations to the boys’ Varsity tennis team for splitting their double dual at the North Central Missouri Invitational.  The boys defeated Joplin 8-1 in their morning match before falling to Rock Bridge 2-9.  The highlight of the weekend came in the late afternoon as Eddie Griesedieck defeated a tough Rock Bridge opponent at No. 1 singles 5-7, 6-4, 12-10.  The boys are back in action this week against Chaminade, MICDS, Lafayette, and Principia.  

4/30  The celebration continues with Cats steamrolling the Luthern North Crusaders on 4/29. What a season the boys are having.  The “BLUE”  lit up the scoreboard acquiring an 8-1 victory with TIM SELL in the winners circle.  He clinched the win at #4 singles with a fireworks 12-10 victory in a 3rd set tiebreaker!  Nice job Tim!   AARON DILLMAN  secured a “W” at #6 singles with a decisive match over his opponent.  Way to take care of business A.D.!  The work ethic seems clear as the JV team continues to put on a united front against other area schools.  Still UNDEFEATED, they will have their toughest week yet starting next Tuesday 5/5 at home vs Chaminade.  PLEASE come out and see how they do it! Let’s keep playing like you mean it  WILDCATS!  Can I get a R-O-A-R?

4/28     Priory goes quietly as Wildcats roar was too great on 4/27 on home turf. With a 5-1 victory, the JV remain undefeated more than half way through the season.  Toughest battle award goes to Jake Mckie and Will Sutter on court #1 doubles.  Down 7-4, they shot their way back to win in a tiebreaker with smart play and a strategic game plan.  Way to roll boys! Next stop on the tennis tour is at Lutheran North this Wednesday 4/29.  Keep this train moving forward CATS!

4/23  JV steamrolls DeSmet solidly and strategically in an 8-0 victory on 4/22.  Better come out and cheer them on with a big week ahead!  Cats remain undefeated and improving daily with their planned court coverage, poaching and signals.  They are large and in charge and ready to rumble!  Can you make them ROAR?

4/21  Cats serve up an all court battle against the Burroughs Bombers with a 5-5 tie yesterday! Great shoot out Wildcats! On deck Wednesday 4/22  at home will be DeSmet. Come out and watch this shakedown and hear us R-O-A-R !

4/17   Metro League Tournament Results:  Eddie – 3rd place at 1 Singles.  Andrew  –  3rd place at 2 Singles.  Sam S  –  4th place at 3 Singles.  David   –   4th place at 4 Singles.  Jacob   –  4th place at 5 Singles.  Tomas  –  4th place at 6 Singles.  Matt  –  4th place at 7 Singles.  Carter   –  4th place at 8 Singles.   Sam S/Andrew  –  4th place at 1 Doubles.  David/Teddy     – 4th place at 2 Doubles.  Sam H/Jack   –   4th place at 3 Doubles.  Corey/Misha – 3rd place at 4 Doubles.

4/14 Winning Ways Welcome JV Wildcats to the Winning Circle With An 8-0 WIN against Lutheran St. Charles Monday 4/13. Continuing to apply pressure, cover the court and play aggressively is the key to this year’s WILDCAT success.  Way to roll Cats! Thanks to all parents and family that came out to support the team.  We are WILD about you!

4/13  The JV Wildcats clawed out another victory on Sat over Kirkwood 4-0 and remain U-N-D-E-F-E-A-T-E-D!  The highlight match was won by Will Sutter and Miles Hehner with a stunner comeback triumph over an outstanding Kirkwood team.  It’s not over until it’s over!  Way to battle CATS!  Make our schedule fit your schedule and come out and CHEER US ON!

4/2   Congratulations to the boys Varsity tennis team for their 8-1 win over Clayton High School. Doubles winners were Eddie Griesedieck and Sam Spencer, Teddy Bacon and Jacob Waller, and Sam Hunsicker and Corey Weinberg.  Singles winners were Griesiedieck, Spencer, Waller, Bacon, and Hunsicker.  The highlight of the match came when Sam Hunsicker hit a serve so hard it snapped the net tape!  The boys square off against Marquette today 4/2  at Home. JV WILDCATS achive victory over Clayton in a 5-4 nail bitter! Marquette on deck today 4/2! Let’s keep the winning streak rolling! Thanks to all who came out and cheered for the CATS!

3/30  Congratulations to the boys Varsity tennis team for defeating SLUH 9-0 in their home opener on Friday. Newcomers Sam Spencer and David Montgomery came up big in 3rd set breakers to complete an impressive sweep!  Come watch the boys in action this week on Monday 3/30, Wednesday 4/1, and Thursday 4/2 after school at home. Follow us online for tennis updates @wcatennis #fans JV WILDCATS SEASON OPENER IS A KNOCKOUT!  CATS take down SLUH 4-2 with a fabulous 3rd Tiebreak won by Will Sutter and Miles Hehner!  Other notable wins were had by Jake McKie & Joey Albertson, Griffin Andersen & Matthew Moore and Kurt Weinberg & Nathan Walsh. Thanks to all parents for enduring the cold and cheering on your men in blue!!  Go Wildcats!!  Next match is a AWAY vs Clayton Greyhounds on Wednesday 4/1 at Shaw Park. Belleville JV Tournament required 8 players and took 7th place.  The boys received some excellent practice and competition in both singles and doubles with 3 matches guaranteed.  We played the majority of the day against Belleville West, Chaminade and Collinsville.

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5/13   JV Tennis Lights Up  the Metro Tournament at Principia with singles on tap all day Monday. Matt Sheehan upsets Priory”s number one player, Luke Peters & Miles Hehner go deep into round two with some great opponents and Jake Mackie wins the trophy for court 5 singles!! Way to play your hearts out boys!!! Doubles showdown today 5/13  for the Metro!!! Go Cats!

5/12   JV BOYS TENNIS FINISHES Regular Season with a strong 10-1 record!    Wildcats go down to the Priory Rebels 4-1.  Great win  in a third set tie-breaker was had by our court 5 doubles which was Griffin Andersen and Miles Hehner.  Great victory to you both!  It has been a monumental season for the JV Team.  Deep in both talent and character has led to dynamic message to the other schools that boys tennis at Westminster is alive and well.  Next stop for this athletic and very capable group is the Metro Tourney Monday and Tuesday at Principia.  Best of luck to the Cats in battling the areas finest!!

5/8  JV BOYS TENNIS IS LEADING THE ST. LOUIS AREA…With a 10-0 record and a 6-0 sweep over PRINCIPIA Wednesday!  Overheads, Aces, Poaching and Power were on full display as the Wildcats continued their methodical destruction of yet another opponent.  Putting an additional win on the board was Matt Sheehan and Joey Albertson, Christian Meeks and Matt Goebel, Nick Bell and Miles Hehner, Will Sutter and Brandon Beat, Logan Bauer and Carter Wells and Jack McKie and Tim Sell and Luke Peters.  This is an outstanding showing of talent, sportsmanship, maturity and cohesiveness by the JV Team.   What a wonderful representation of our school.  Well done Wildcats!

5/7 JV TENNIS HEATS UP THE COURTS…with another victory over Chaminade 5-3.  This mix and match team finds a way to out smart their opponents through high percentage techniques and mental toughness.  Nice wins by Tomas Mitchem and Carter Wells, Christian Meeks and Matthew Goebel, Will Sutter and Jack McKie, Matt Sheehan and Luke Peters and last but not least, Tim Sell and Miles Hehner.  Way to take care of business Wildcats!!  This team will be in action Wednesday 5/7 on home turf with Principia as their opponents. Can you say UNDEFEATED?  Come ROAR with us!!

5/1   JV TENNIS DISMANTLES     Lutheran North High School Wednesday with both singles and doubles actions in play.  The Cats enjoyed a 7-1 victory and look forward to their marquee match against Priory at Priory on Tuesday May 6th!!!!  Come watch them ROAR! Way to take care of business with Wildcat Pride!!

4/24   Congratulations to the boys’ Varsity tennis team on their win over DeSmet yesterday.  Key wins from Bailey Merkel at #1 singles, Andrew Montgomery at #2 singles, Teddy Bacon at #3 singles, Scott Rupprecht and Robert Rasche at #2 doubles, and Sam Hunsicker and Jack Southwell at #3 doubles, helped to seal a 5-2 victory.  The boys are now 7-4 on the season and will battle seven of Missouri’s top tennis teams this weekend at the Tournament of Champions. Humming On All Cylinders…..would be the Boys JV Tennis Team.  Playing high percentage tennis, the Cats crushed the DeSmet Spartans Wednesdaywith a decisive 6-0 victory. It is a thinking man”s game with Logan & Brandon, Jake & Joey, Carter & Tomas, Will & Matt, Nick & Christian, Mikes & Matt and Tim & Griffin setting some fine examples.  The team will be in display Monday4/28 at Priory if you would like to see this dynamic team in action!!!!!

4/23    Congratulations to the boys’ Varsity tennis team on their win over Marquette yesterday 4/22 afternoon. The boys battled to a 3-3 tie with wins from Andrew Montgomery at #2 singles, Corey Weinberg at #4 singles, and Grant Kitchens and Reed Montgomery at #1 doubles. With only one match remaining, the boys on both teams made their way to the top court where Eddie Griesedieck came back from a set down to defeat his opponent at #1 singles and seal a 4-3 win for his team. Come out and support the boys’ today 4/23  as they battle Desmet at home. JVtennis moves  to a 6-0 season as they dismantle the Marquette Mustangs Tuesday 4/22 with a 5-3 Victory!  In the winner’s circle were David, Nick, Tim, Luke, Miles, Griffin, Logan, Brandon and Jason.  Way to Roll Wildcats!!   DeSmet is on tap for the JV today 4/23 so come out and R-O-A-R  and watch us RUMBLE !!!!

4/22  JV tennis remains UNDEFEATED as they take out the Burroughs Bombers with a 4-3 victory on Monday! Congrats to Joey & Tim, Brandon & Miles, Logan & Jake and Jason & Luke !!! Way to take care of business on home turf boys !! Come out and watch as we take on Marquette at home today 4/22!!! The varsity team had metro conference last week and finished 3rd in 7 teams.   MICDS – 75, JBS – 54, WCA – 34.5, Priory – 34.5, LN/LS/Prin – 0

4/10 JV put the collars on the Clayton Greyhounds with a 6-2 convincing victory.  The boys battled hard and remain undefeated.  In the winning circle was Matt & Jake, Tomas & Carter, Nick & Will, Christian & Matt, Logan & Brandon and Tim & Jason.  Way to Roll Wildcats!!!  On deck for Fri 4/11, is Kirkwood at home.  Hope to see you there!!

4/14     JV Wildcats roll over Kirkwood in a 6-1 win Friday 4/11! Thanks to parents, grandparents, siblings  and friends for coming out and supporting the team!!! Keep working hard JV!!

4/10  JV roars to a 4-3 victory over MICDS yesterday with big wins by Joey/Miles, Tomas/Carter, Matt/Christian and Tim/Austin. The boys will try to keep their undefeated season rolling as the take on Clayton at home, today 4/10. Come out and cheer!!!

3/31      Congratulations to the boys’ Varsity and Junior Varsity tennis teams for defeating SLU High School last Friday afternoon.  The Varsity score was 7-2 and the JV final score was 6-2.  Come out and support the boys his Wednesday 4/2 as they take on Clayton High School! 3/28   Congratulations to the boys’ Varsity tennis team for their 9-0 victory over Lutheran South yesterday!  Come out to support the boys today 3/28 after school as they play St. Louis University High School at home.

Boys Tennis Coaches

Madeline Jolly
Varsity Head Coach

Sharon Reilly
Varsity Assistant Coach

Laurie Franz
JV Head Coach