Enroll and serve families.

The admission process at Westminster is more than forms and an interview. It’s about getting to know our prospective students and their families.

It’s about building a school community that represents a broad range of socioeconomic, ethnic, and denominational backgrounds.

It’s about discovering each student’s ability to excel academically and grow spiritually.

It’s about serving Christian parents by offering a Christ-centered education for all of their children in light of their learning abilities.

It’s about serving a family.

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By Director of Admissions Peggy Johnson

Last week, a family came to my office requesting information about enrolling their eldest son—not an unusual event for an admissions director. The surprise was that their son was in first grade!  These parents were serious about their responsibility to provide the best education for their son, so they started by thinking about where they wanted him to be years later and are working backwards. Interestingly wise approach! They wanted to know where our students go to college and how our graduates are impacting their world. They even asked to observe a teacher in an upper school class and to watch the social interactions of students in and out of the classroom. By the end of their visit, it was Westminster all the way, and they were off to visit an elementary school.


This family understands the impact of a Christian education and exceptional classroom instruction that stirs both the heart and mind. They value the partnership between the home and school, working in harmony to provide “an excellent education rooted in Biblical truth.”  This is the experience they want for their two sons.

“Honor God in all that we do,” is emblazoned on the doorframe in our Grand Entry. This first principle of Westminster’s six core values challenges students, faculty and parents to live out their faith in their relationships, character and service for others.

Another one of our core values is to “enroll and serve families.” This idea is unique within the private education community. By living out this value, Westminster provides a comprehensive academic program that meets the needs of a broad range of learners. Most parents recognize that God distinctively gifts each child. Even within the same family, one child may be self-motivated and thrive on a demanding academic program, while a sibling struggles with traditional learning. Westminster has honors and advance placement classes for the student who needs the challenge, and courses that provide extra support for the student with learning disabilities.

The family is disintegrating all around us, and raising children is challenging and complicated.  Westminster honors the family and supports parents’ God-given responsibility to educate their children. We’re committed to a program that serves the learning needs of all the children in the family, so that siblings can attend the same school. Financial aid is available for helping families who are not able to pay the full cost of tuition. Families representing all of God’s people from “every tribe and language and people and nation” have equal opportunity for a Westminster education.

That first grade boy will be preparing to join our community five years from now. With great excitement and anticipation, he’ll walk through our doors that fall knowing that his little brother will soon be sharing his Westminster experience. Why? Because we love, serve and enroll families.