Students may participate in the upper school Strength & Conditioning program in various ways:

  • Take the physical education classes Strength & Conditioning I and Strength & Conditioning II
  • Participate in the after-school and summer sessions
  • Work out with the in-season team(s) on which they participate.

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Simply stated, this is a program designed to help students become better athletes by providing ongoing opportunities for them to achieve their goals. Participation will not result in bulkiness or stiffness; rather, it will make athletes faster, stronger and less prone to injury. Whether you are an active athlete or don’t play a sport, everyone will reap health and wellness benefits as a result of participation in the Strength & Conditioning program.

What We Do

  • Emphasize proper technique in all that we do in order to ensure safety, functional strength, optimum performance and injury prevention.
  • Perform strength training exercises including barbell, dumbbell, medicine ball and body weight exercises.
  • Perform various speed, agility, plyometric and conditioning exercises to compliment the training completed in the weight room.
  • Uphold the Westminster Christian Academy Athletic Pillar #8: “We will grow and improve in and out of season; getting better demands hard work.”