Chimes Spring 2014

Rival schools show ultimate sportsmanship

Community of Support

“I’m Ronald Smith’s aunt who attended the game that night & I want to say “THANK YOU” to the WCA community for all that they did for our family that evening. This incident is something that we will never forget. For the team of parents /doctors and WCA Athletic trainer who immediately came to Ronald’s aid that evening – WE THANK YOU. For all those with encouraging words & comforting families at the game – WE THANK YOU. For each and every person who came to visit Ronald at the hospital or prayed for my nephew’s miraculous recovery – WE THANK YOU… What began as a night of fear an uncertainty, turned into a night of praise, love & respect for one another. Again, thank you so much WCA!”
Karen Allen-Holmes

“Way to go, Westminster! Proud to be an alum!”
Susan Hauser Maynor ’86

“My grandson attends Westminister……The behavior of both teams restores my faith in the youth of today…..”
Elaine Walkenbach Walter

“Thank you for your actions after the incident! Proud and blessed to be part of WCA!”
Jill Hottes Wright

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“Burroughs extends much heartfelt appreciation to @wcastl @wcacoachcoleman @wcasports for all the love, support and prayers this evening.”

“I get the chills every time I think about the miracle that happened last night”

“As a veteran MSHSAA official, including almost 20 years working basketball, and as a WCA alum, I am proud of both WCA’s reaction to the situation and the officials for turning in this positive report. Kudos to all involved!”
David Workman ’88

“this is why I love my school

“Just saw a former Burroughs parent at Sportsman’s and he was really touched by way WCA community responded to tragic spill by JBS player.”

“God uses each of us in the midst of joy and tragedy. As a parent from JBS I want to thank everyone from Westminster. The prayer over Ronald with the extended hands of parents and kids alike was overwhelming to me. What proved to be nothing short of a miracle when Ronald walked out of the emergency room Friday night was also a testimony to everyone present. God is good, he is our ultimate protector. My prayer is that believers rejoice and nonbelievers seek to find Him. What a light you are in St. Louis!”
Beth Koertner Maglasang

“Thank you God. We don’t know why things like this happen but your hand surely was over him. I’ve never seen someone that tough #RonSmith

“Boys I am so proud of your sincere care for Ron, JB and your community. They will know we are Christians by our love.”

“Wonderful example of the character and spirit that represents Westminster Christian Academy, where my daughter Martha graduated from.”
March Salomon

“That one time when everyone turned to their neighbor and prayed for someone they didn’t know with people they didn’t know #BodyofChrist”

“Thank you to everyone who has shown support tonight for Ronald Smith. We are thrilled to report that Ronald is being released from the hospital right now and is heading home with his family. Thank you thank you thank you for all of the calls, texts, tweets and in-person love and support you all showed Ronald, the basketball team and everyone present this evening.”
JBS Athletics

“Saw amazing leadership, character & care at @wcastl tonight. Thankful for students, coaches, admin. Scary injury, good result. Relieved!”

“In light of the response of our school last Friday night after the student from Burroughs was injured, I would say WCA truly lives by these character statements displayed in the gym. Thankful to be a part of this community!”
Tammy Rice Gierse

“So eager to come alongside John Burroughs High School during such a scary time. Thank God for mercy and protection. Prayers to the Smith family. I was so proud of my school last night.”
Taylor Hughes ’12

“Praise and thanks to God #RonSmith”

“Praise God!!! Continued prayers for the Burroughs family…. It is wonderful to be part of the WCA family!”
Mary Dodge

“So proud of the way the WCA community reflected faith, hope, and love through a challenging night.  Praise God for a great outcome!”

“True sportsmanship: WCA’s basketball team praying over and visiting Ronald Smith in hospital. Praise God he’s doing better!”

“One of many reasons why we chose Westminster Christian Academy – St. Louis Missouri for our children. We continue to be blessed to be a part of this community in so many ways. I would encourage any family looking for a Christian education to schedule a visit today!”
Renee Gerber Hafenrichter

“This is why we love WCA!”
Peggy Combs Seiller

Polo Therapy

Junior Alex Ebel, who struggles with the challenges of autism, has discovered a new kind of therapy. Because Alex is sensitive to touch, he is very aware of the feel of the clothes he wears. Always comfortable in polo shirts and desiring regularity in his routine, Alex wears them almost exclusively. This has led him to a hobby that has helped him in more ways than he or his family ever thought possible. After observing the logo on his shirts, Alex figured, “I wear polo shirts, so I should play polo.” The sport has drastically impacted Alex’s confidence and his life.
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Fun with Freese

As winner of the Proctor & Gamble contest “Bring David Freese to School” run at Schnucks stores, freshman Alex Kempen enjoyed a visit by hometown hero David Freese. The former St. Louis third baseman started his visit by meeting Alex and his family for autographs followed by a time of Q&A with Alex and his classmates in Brian Burkey’s Bible class. When the questions wrapped up, the class enjoyed Imo’s Pizza together.